Top 5 Traits of the Best Medical Device Repair Technicians for Surgical Power

If you are trying to get into Surgical Power as a medical repair technician, you have to know what we are looking for. Surgical Power is looking for the best and brightest technicians. Here are the top 5 traits of the best medical repair technicians:

#1 You Love Technology

This is a given! If you want to be a medical repair technician, you have to love technology. Medical equipment needs to work properly, therefore, we are looking for individuals that can use both their mechanical skills as well as software technology to get the job done. You will use computer programming, software, and computers to diagnose and fix problems meaning you must love technology.

#2 You are Detail Oriented

Medical equipment is needed to help keep people alive. This means it does the work that people usually can’t do. From magnifying samples and processing x-rays, medical equipment must be on point. If a machine slows down or breaks down, this means doctors and nurses can’t do their jobs. This means every step in repairing a machine is crucial. Therefore, the best medical repair technicians will identify steps to fix the problem right the first time, check their work, double check their work, and check the work of others.

#3 You are a Great Problem Solver

If fixing machines was an easy or problem free job, there wouldn’t be a need for a technician. Usually, a technician is called when there is a problem that can’t be fixed by the average Joe. A great problem solver is able to identify the symptoms, piece them together, and creatively figure out a resolution.

#4 You Must Be Reliable

Because the lives of people depend on the medical equipment working, one of the best traits of a medical repair tech is to be reliable. In this world, being 5-minutes late can be the difference between life and death! This means you must be reliable, on time, dependable, and show up for work when you are scheduled.

#5 You Should Love People

Medical equipment techs don’t just work with a broken piece of technology; they work with real people. It is human beings that are going to be on the other end of the medical equipment that is malfunctioning. Some days will be rough, and you will sometimes need to look in the eyes of a scared patient. This means you should love people as much as you love the job itself.

Being a medical repair technician is sometimes just as vital to a patient’s life as the nurses and doctors who treat them. If you want to work for Surgical Power, you must have the best of the best of these traits!

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