Leader of Refurbished Orthopedic Power Equipment

We specialize in pre-owned, refurbished and new surgical power equipment and instruments for the medical field.

Our company was founded in 2000 and we have offered quality medical O.R. surgical tools at a outstanding prices ever since.

We have strived to be an all-in-one location for pre-owned handpieces as well as a repair facility to ensure that doctors have the power tools and equipment they need for surgery.

Not to mention we are the sister company to Didage Sales Co. and we can work with them to set up entire operating rooms and surgery centers.

We offer Orthopedic, Podiatry, Spinal, and other specialty power equipment from all the major medical companies. We offer everything from large bone and small bone drills, reamers, sagittal & oscillating saws to replacement blades and attachments. We are a one stop shop for Stryker®, Midas Rex®, Xomed®, Hall®, Dyonics®, 3M®, and many others.

All our medical handpieces and instrument repairs are conducted in a timely manner to streamline O.R. turn-around.

If your handpiece or console happens to be unrepairable we can offer a replacement to get your O.R. running smoothly again.

We also offer rental and loaner equipment if you need to continue operations while waiting on a repair.

If you have surgical power equipment for sale you can either call, or email us to inquire the value of your product. It doesn’t matter if your equipment is fully functioning or completely broken we will work with you to provide an appraisal for you. Trade-ins are always welcome when purchasing.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or needs you may have and we look forward to serving you and your team.  We can be contacted at (574) 267-8207 or sales@surgicalpower.com.



Surgical Power Inc. is in no way affiliated with any of the OEM’s represented. All repairs/warranties are valid through Surgical Power Inc. only. OEM’s are not responsible for any repair/warranty(s) completed or issued by Surgical Power Inc.